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The Descent from the Cross

The Descent from the Cross

Oil on canvas
24 x 20”

In the Christian tradition, the Descent from the
Cross typically depicts Jesus being carefully
lowered from the cross by mourners. The
Virgin Mary, John, Mary Magdalene, Joseph of
Arimathea, and Nicodemus take down his body,
prepare it for burial, and place it in the tomb.

My mom died from breast cancer eight years ago, right after I graduated from undergrad. My brother, Greg, my future sister-in-law, Cecilia, and I were in her hospital room when she passed away. It was devastating, naturally, as her passing was quite sudden. Greg and I were both by my mom’s side, each holding a hand when she took her last breath. I believe she died in peace knowing that her two boys, now grown, were by her side and doing well. She particularly loved Yellowtail Chardonnay wine. Her life was poured out that day to the last drop. But it doesn’t go down the drain. Instead, through death, one gives life to others. Jesus, too, pours out everything once dead. I imagine that Jesus’s friends and family by his side felt the same I did. Jesus pours out everything when pierced with the lance on the cross, but through his gift, he has given life to all of us just as my mom has given her life joyfully for her family – for me. Even in our darkest hour, when a loved one dies, there is hope on the horizon.

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